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An introductory guide to the world of Interior Design / Interior Architect / Spatial Design and how to succeed at it

Introducing ‘The Essential Interior Design Handbook’, the book with all the essential information needed for planning and carrying out your interior project of all shapes and sizes, from a small one-bedroom apartment to a large 1000-room Casino



It’s formatted so that it’s easy to read on your travels, inside the classroom or in the office. Full of essential knowledge, tips, tricks and processes to get you started in the exciting field of Interior Design.What is Interior Design – Starting an Interior Project – Drawing Basics – Sequencing Spaces – Details – Styles – Resources, are only a select few sections covered in this volume.From drawing basics to project management to restaurant design to interior styles to a comprehensive resource list!Fundamentals: Providing a step-by-step guide for an interior project, defining the scope of professional services, schedules, and the design and presentation tools used by designers to enhance their productivity and to secure that critical client.Areas: Exploring methods of composing rooms as overall environments, at the same time speaking to functional, cosmetic and life-safety concerns.Details: Components vital to an interior design setting, along with details, typical components and different interior styles you will encounter.

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