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High Performance Paper Airplane Models plus a Hangar for Your Aircraft


Back by popular demand is Book 3 in the series, the uber high performance collection.

Carmel demonstrated these models on US, UK, and Australian television and has inspired many engineers and paper airplane enthusiasts to create their own models and write their own books.



Most models are fold-only and all are made from single sheets of A4/Letter copypaper.

Models from this book have been been used in colleges and universities for experimentation in flight physics and folding techniques.

Models include:

  • Long Distance Glider MK3
  • Long Distance Glider MK4
  • Snub Nose Glider
  • Winged Wonder
  • Super Stunt Circler
  • Smooth Flyer
  • Recon Glider Surveyor (Dual Glider with Recon Glider Tactical)
  • Lightwing
  • Sleek Glider
  • Ace Flier
  • Aircraft Hangar

This new edition provides image instructions as you go. Aimed at serious paper plane enthusiasts, designers, and competitors, this book has all the performance designs you require for making excellent paper airplanes.

So get folding, start flying, and impress your friends!

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