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To mark the brand’s 70th birthday, Porsche presented the 911 Speedster as a study at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. The sporty and purist roadster was not only intended to appeal to enthusiasts of the sports car manufacturer but also to represent the crowning glory of the 991 series. The 2019 production version, limited to 1948 units – the year Porsche was founded – ultimately won over fans and the trade press alike, making for a successful birthday present, even on the road. For its 75th birthday, Porsche could now repeat the Speedster’s history once again. According to the latest information, the German sports car manufacturer is planning a new Speedster variant of the 992 series of the 911 for the end of 2023.

Porsche 911 Speedster Could Come Onto The Market In 2024

According to information from Car Magazine, Porsche is working on a new edition of the 911 Speedster that will be based on the current 992 series. Similar to the first generation for its 70th birthday, Porsche should thus also present itself with a Speedster version of its successful sports car series for its 75th birthday. The 992 Speedster could be presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the end of 2023, while the market launch of the anniversary model is planned for 2024.

Like its predecessor, the new Speedster is likely to be based on the body of the 911 Carrera. However, since the current generation, the all-wheel-drive variants no longer have more ready mudguards, it is likely to remain with the standard body. Other important visual differences to the Cabriolet are likely to remain, however. The 992 Speedster, for example, continues to feature a more inclined windshield, which, in combination with the power domes behind the sports seats, should ensure a flatter roofline and thus optimize aerodynamics. The smaller, close-fitting fabric hood, which reduces air turbulence, should also contribute to this. However, the changes to the roofline also require changes to the interior, where lower-mounted bucket seats should continue to ensure appealing headroom. In addition, as before, the rear seats are omitted in favor of a larger luggage compartment.

Chassis And Engine From The 911 GT3

Porsche is likely to remain true to the tradition of the first generation in terms of powertrain and chassis. Accordingly, the 992 Speedster is likely to use components from the 911 GT3, whose unique selling point is definitely the naturally aspirated engine. In its current configuration, the 4.0-liter high-revving unit in the GT3 delivers 503 horsepower (375 kW) and 347 pound-feet (475 N-m) of torque, although it only reaches its maximum output at an enormous 8400 rpm. Like the first-generation Speedster, however, the power unit’s output could increase again somewhat, moving closer to the GT3 RS’s 518 Horsepower (386 kW).

In addition to the power, Porsche could also once again tweak the weight of the 911. With some optimizations, the Speedster should then complete the standard sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in under 4 seconds, while the top speed should again be limited to 200 kilometers per hour due to the roadster layout. Speaking of limitations, the 992 Speedster is again likely to be available only in limited numbers, though the 1948 figure should come as no real surprise.

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