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Learn how to make origami with kids of all ages with this adorable paper origami whale pattern. Kids will try that how cute and simple this paper whale craft is! Origami is not as hard as you think and kids will this cute paper whale.

I think this paper whale also makes a super cute and easy Summer Crafts for Preschoolers.

They simply seem to make teaching origami so much easier. But I know some of you appreciate the step by step instructions too. So pick what is easier for you!

As mentioned, we have more simple Origami for Kids ideas for you to check out if you want to have fun with paper!) – including a number of popular origami butterflies, a fun jumping origami frog for beginners and other simple origami projects!

So today we have this adorable Origami Whale. He is quick. He is easy and he is fun!

To make this Origami Whale, you will need:

square piece of paper*

markers & contrasting paper for decorating (optional)

glue stick (optional)

 you can use a square piece of origami paper for these or simple colorful printer paper. Construction paper could even work for this origami project.. though thinner paper is better!

How to make an Origami Whale:

It really is EASY!! And the kids will have a this adorable little paper craft! The origami whale tutorial.

Aren’t they adorable?? I particularly like the baby whales. So so cute! Hope you have a go and ENJOY!

Step by step written instructions for how to make an Paper Whale.

if you find a printable worksheet with photo instructions useful.

Grab your pieces of square paper. You can use lots of different colors for whales, but I think greys, blues and purples make good whale colors! Now for our simple steps to make this cute paper whale!

Make a diagonal

Take a square piece of paper and fold it across the diagonal. Open it up and fold it again in the different side direction – you want that diagonal crease to go in both direction and be extra ways.

Kite shape

Open up the square again. Take left edge and bring it to meet the diagonal central line. Repeat with the other side and take the right edge to meet the central line – you should now have a kite shape / diamond shape.

The whale’s body shape

Fold down the top point to meet the central line. Then fold in half.

The whale’s tail

Take the long thing tip and fold up at a right angle. Give it a shape crease.

Open up the origami and fold into the opposit direction.

Finally, make a small form it with a pair (you can tear this too) at the top of the tail and fold down.

Draw your facial features and done!

These little whales make cute summer decorations or paper toys for younger children to play with.

Here is a version, where we turned the Origami Whale.

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