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Another quick and easy origami project for kids for you today – with these lovely little Origami Rings! They look complicated, but promise you, the folds are easy and quick to learn. They make another one of those fun paper projects for on the go they look great made from a silver wrapper. Hope you like this easy origami ring diy as much as we do!

Easy Origami Ring DIY – perfect for making origami rings too!

The Eagle eyed among you will have noticed that we first made these paper rings as part of our Wreck   and I decided it would be nice for that little DIY not to get in the detail of the art journal. So here it is again! We love how versatile and fun Paper Crafts  for Kids can be!

Paper Ring How To – Supplies needed

Rectangular Paper – I used a piece of 5 cm x 10 cm – but it really is a question of preference/ size of the hand/ finger.

Yup, you need no glue or anything else to make these fun little paper rings.Though some people like to add a piece of tape to hold the ring together. But it should be necessary.

Also, if you WISH, you could decorate the rings with a pen – we have added a little heart to our Wear this Journal challenge! Or creating some doodled black patterns would look great too!

Some people like to use special Origami paper or even washi or chiyogami paper, which comes in different colors and designs. I have actually made these paper rings out of the rectangular paper or even an old fashioned bus ticket or till receipt. You just need the rectangular shape! We liked using a paper size of 5 x 10 cm, but really experiment to see what fits your index finger!

Paper Ring Step By Step Tutorial with Photos

lets take a look at how to make this origami paper ring with photos and some written instructions!

The first crease you need to make is one that runs along the rectangle length ways.

Take the bottom edge – fold up to meet the top edge (top left image).

Unfold again (top right image).

Now take the bottom edge again, but this time fold up to meet the central crease you just made. Make a neat crease. Repeat with the top flap (bottom left image).

The folds should look as per the bottom right image now.

and fold in half across centre (top left).

Now take the top right corner and fold inwards towards the central guide lines (top right).

Repeat for the left corner (bottom left)

Make sure the creases are super neat as that will help you in the next step.

Unfold the triangles (bottom right).

Take the top edge (again, one flap only) and fold down to meet the center line again (top left)

Flip your origami project over (top right)

And repeat the folds (bottom left and bottom right).

Now, when you open up your folds gently, you should get the centre of the ring pop up slowly (top left).

Take a pencil, to help shape the centre of the ring part and neated the creases into shape. It should look like a square box.

At this point you can decorate the ring too if you wish.

Now take your pencil and curl the long parts of your ring – again, not an essential step but will make the ring stay together better.

Around the back, insert one edge of the ring into the other – this will be the bottom of the ring. Some people like to this section with a piece of tape or some glue. But it shouldn’t really be necessary! (bottom left).

You can push the paper in more or less to make it right size for your index finger (or any finger really).

Your paper ring is DONE!

Aren’t they fab? Make a whole set of origami rings for your friends. Or a different colour for each day of the week! The rings are easily adjustable to make for a nice and snug fit of finger size!

you can use any kind of paper to make this ring. So just have fun and experiment!

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