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Learn how to make an easy paper tulip! This origami tulip stands freely but is also great for collages and card making especially Cards. This is a great origami tulip project for preschoolers and beginners. the corner and today we have a gorgeous little and Easy Paper Tulip Craft for you!

These Paper Tulips are super easy and would look great on a greeting card, as part of a big collage, or make them with stems and have them as “stand alone” decorations.

They are also a great Origami project for beginners (we have lots more ideas for you to check out!!), as they are so quick and easy to do. We have become a little obsessed with paper crafts – as you can make these almost any place and any time – all you need is a pad of paper!

If you glue the two parts together, I think this simple Paper Tulip.. would really work well as an easy Tulip, don’t you think.

To make an easy paper tulip, you will the following supplies:

  • Square piece of origami paper for the tulip flower head12cm x 12cm
  • Green piece of paper for the stem 15cm x 15cm*

this is really not an exact science! You can experiment with different paper sizes if you wish!

Now you have your basic supplies (aka a square piece of paper), let’s check out this origami tulip tutorial and see how easy it is…

How to make an easy paper tulip tutorial:

This really the easiest origami flower to make! A great project for beginners and younger children for spring, crafting and art projects. There are options for the stem.

Origami Tulips are super easy to make and a great Preschooler Spring Project or paper flower for kids of any age!

Origami Tulip Flower – Step 1 Create a Triangle Turn your square paper, so you have a diamond shape in front of you. Fold the paper UP across the diagonal to make a triangular shape.

Shape the Tulip’s Head

Fold down the centre of your triangle to create a “guide crease”. Open up again. Now you know where the middle of your paper flower is. Let’s begin with the left side. Take the left corner and fold up the sides at an angle to great a left flap. The previous fold will help guide you as to where the central line is. As per the image. These are the tulip’s petals. Then repeat with the right corner/ right side. You now have made the basic petals of the tulip.

Final details to the Origami Tulip’s Head

Flip your paper over and fold in the sides to shape your paper tulip! The basic origami flower. Now for a stem.

How to make a stem

The video shared in this blogpost shows you how to make an ORIGAMI stem. However, you can also choose this other rolled up paper straw method.
Take the green paper and start rolling it up diagonally. Using a tooth pick or a thin paint brush to get it going should help. put it with a little glue.

A snip into the bottom of the tulip head and insert. If making the origami stem version, your tulip will be able to stand too and will have leaves.

Aren’t these Paper Tulips simply adorable? I think they make a great origami project for any age group… but are especially a lovely Preschool Spring Craft don’t you think? They would look lovely on cards! Or make a bunch as a small bouquet.

As mentioned above, we have lots of paper crafts and Origami ideas for kids… plenty of ideas to get stuck in and have a go and discover your love for paper!!! There are paper crafts for all levels – lots for beginners and also, some for those feeling more confident and wanting to give something new a try.

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