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Want to know how to make an origami butterfly? Then you’re in the right place.

These simple origami butterflies are the perfect fun spring craft for both kids and adults alike. They’re easy to make, quick to fold and can be made in any size that you like.

Follow the step-by-step origami butterfly instructions and you’ll be folding these cute paper butterflies in no time.

Butterfly Origami Crafts

These origami butterflies are one of my favourite paper crafts to make in the spring and summer. how you can turn a simple piece of square paper into a beautiful butterfly with only a few folds.

They can be used to decorate greeting cards and gifts, as table decor, the ceiling or even displayed as wall art. My personal favourite is to glue small magnets to the back of each butterfly and use them on my magnetic noticeboard that hangs above my desk. They really help brighten up that corner of the room.

Simple Butterfly Origami

I do an easy paper craft that anyone can try, especially origami. A couple of minutes and a few folds are all you need to make your own 3D paper butterflies.

In this quick paper craft DIY, I’m going to show you how easy it is to make a origami butterfly. It’s the ideal introduction to origami projects as it uses some of the basic origami folds that are used in nearly all origami crafts.

They’re perfect to have a go at even if you’re new to origami and a great craft to get the kids involved with. Keep in mind younger kids may need a little help with some of the folds from a grown-up.

You can use different coloured or patterned papers to make your own colourful and unique paper butterflies. The curved wings give the butterflies a lovely 3D effect.

They make fantastic decorations for your room or a party. the idea of combining them with a bouquet of flowers for a special gift. If you need to brighten up a dull corner at home or add a splash of colour to a gift these DIY paper butterflies might be just the thing.

And for any avid readers out there you might want to check out my origami butterfly bookmark. Another easy one and they make a lovely handmade touch if you’re giving a book as a gift.

Let’s dig out some brightly coloured paper and get folding.

Origami Paper (I used standard origami paper that is coloured on one side and plain white on the reverse but double-sided coloured paper like thisone or patterned paper like this onewould look fantastic as well.)

How to make an Easy Origami Butterfly

1. Take your square piece of paper of paper and fold it in half (white side on the inside) to create a mountain fold.

2. Open out and fold in half again this time the other side or way.

3. Open back out and fold along both diagonals making two more mountain folds.

4. Flip it over so the coloured side is facing down.

5. Bring the sides in to meet at the centre.

6. Fold the centre folds in and bring down to make a triangle. This is the base.

7. Fold the left side corner up to meet the centre crease of the triangle.

8. Repeat and fold the corner on the right side up to meet the centre crease.

9. Flip it over and lift the bottom corner up.

You want to fold it past the top edge so the tip of the triangle extends over the top.

10. Flatten the centre but not the edges of the crease.

11. Fold the top point of the triangle and crease.

If you’re using thicker paper you may need to use a little glue to hold this flap down.

12. To finish fold the butterfly in half to shape it.

13. All you have to do now is find a place to display your paper butterfly.

Use your finished butterflies as table decorations, gift toppers or hang them as a pretty garland. Make them in a range of different sizes. A small butterfly as a cupcake topper or a large butterfly made from gift wrap displayed them on a wall for a Springtime photo booth-style backdrop.

I hope you enjoy making these cute paper origami butterflies.

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